A few years back, Steven Baker and I had an idea to create a podcast called “Designed as Practised”. The idea was that we would take a look at various words and phrases in the software engineering lexicon and see how their meanings had adapted over time as they broadened in adoption. In other words we would explore the difference between the design of these ideas and their practical application.

It didn’t take off: we do better with the schedule imposed by live streaming (and haven’t even necessarily done so great at keeping to that schedule). But the core idea is a good one. Why? Not so much to say “look, you’re doing it all wrong” to people practising things the way they’re commonly practised; that doesn’t help anyone. But to ask all of the interesting questions: why did the original author suggest doing this thing? Has the problem identified been addressed, either by doing the thing this other way or by something else? Why did people do something else, and why did they do it under the banner of this name? Are they getting something useful out of doing it that way?



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