Turn and face the strange

This issue is called “changes” for a couple of reasons: firstly and most directly, the late goblin king David Bowie was amazing. Secondly, there’s a bit about managing requirements, a bit about monitoring delivery, and a bit about retrocomputing in here: lots to do with changing.

Thirdly, this issue comes out one month before I change jobs, and we need to understand the impact of that on this newsletter. I will be going into a software engineering author role, so doing a lot of writing for the day job. I definitely will not be doing video streaming any more, and will put the podcast on hiatus too. My current plan is to carry on with this mailing list, mostly in the “around the web” section commenting on interesting articles. Also to expand the commentary here from one-paragraph riffs to longer responses; there will be fewer blog posts at per fortnight but longer writing here.

I’m very much writing this newsletter for you to read more than for me to write though, so please let me know what you would like to get out of it.





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