There's a lot in this issue about the difficulties generalist software engineers have in finding a home on software engineering teams. I'd love to say that it comes to a conclusion, but it doesn't: I think that there's a common playbook for hiring e.g. programmers (and not even e.g. programmers but e.g. front-end Javascript programmers or C++ financial modellers), testers, business analysts but not one for hiring software engineers. Many people who say they hire software engineers actually mean some subset of programmers.

The real way for generalists to thrive is to band together in consultancies/agencies and pick their projects/clients carefully, and not try to get hired as perms. But for the many "generalists" are software engineering generalists, not small-business generalists, and who (like myself) don't particularly want or thrive in the indie lifestyle, this is a risk/challenge too far.





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